Practice Area


The Family and Successions practice area includes a team of lawyers specialized in various areas of law with in-depth know-how in legal advice on these matters.

We highlight the main services provided:


-Regulation of the Exercise of Parental Responsibilities

-Preparation of prenuptial agreements

-Foreign Judgment Review Processes

-Promotion and Protection Processes

-Preparation of Wills



-Advance Declarations of Will/Living Will

-Advice and legal support in all procedures involving sharing during life, namely donations and registration of reservation of lifetime usufruct

-Agreement on choice of law applicable to succession

-Succession planning, namely execution of wills and testaments

-Annulment and revocation of wills

-Drafting donation contracts

-Alienation of inheritance rights

- Legal advice in promoting the qualification of heirs at a Notary or Inheritance Counter

-Registration of acquisition in hereditary community of existing real estate assets

-Records inherent to inheritance

-Legal advice in the administration of inheritance and its fruits

-Double head removal procedure

-Legal advice in extrajudicial sharing procedures

-Legal advice in the process of judicial sharing (inventory process) at a Notary's Office

-Legal advice in judicial sharing process (inventory process) in Court

-Judicial procedure for the recognition of succession status and recognition of the heir's right

-Procedure for granting housing rights to the family home and rights to the contents

-Advice and legal assistance in the exercise of rights due to the death of a civil partner

-Legal advice regarding tax obligations resulting from sharing

-Legal advice and representation in transnational sharing process

-Cancellation of sharing

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