Practice Area


The Sports Law practice area comprises a team of lawyers specialized in various branches of law with in-depth know-how in advising on matters related to Sport.

We highlight the main services provided:


-Situation of players and their contracts

-Tax planning of contracted amounts

-Questions related to the players' playing conditions, with the elaboration of opinions and adoption of measures when necessary

-National and international transfers

-Sports cooperation agreement with Portuguese and foreign clubs for the exchange of transfers of athletes, coaches and training of young athletes

-Elaboration of instruments related to the cessation and preservation of the sporting bond and economic rights

-Collection of values ​​referring to Compensation for Training and Solidarity Clause

-Diligence and measures in the search for the necessary documents to obtain the Player Passport application

-Performance and initiation of procedures with Disciplinary Commissions, Courts of Sports Justice

-Collection of credits and initiation of proceedings with UEFA, FIFA and Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS-CAS)


-Advice during negotiations and transfers to national and international clubs, with assessment and drafting of employment contracts

-Analysis and monitoring of processes for temporarily transferring players to other clubs or sports societies

-Explanation to the player of the contractual rights and obligations established in their sports practitioner employment contract or sports training contract and the respective sports entities

-Collection of outstanding amounts (salaries, bonuses)

-Legal advice and drafting of contracts with clubs, companies and sponsors related to Image Rights (License of use) Marketing  and Merchandising

-Preparation of a company for the athlete to license the use and commercial exploitation of their image

-Tax planning of contracted values

-Monitoring of disciplinary proceedings initiated by clubs, Sports Limited Companies, Associations or Federations

-Monitoring the Doping process

-Monitoring the process of termination for just cause of the employment contract at the initiative of the player and based on non-payment of salary

-Appeals to the Sports Justice Courts

-Collection of credits and initiation of procedures with UEFA, FIFA and Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS-CAS)

-Claim for compensation due to an accident while carrying out sporting activities


-Legal advice in drafting contracts and transfers

-Legal support in negotiating negotiations for national and foreign clubs

-Monitoring of disciplinary processes, doping

-Collection of outstanding amounts (salaries, bonuses)

-Action and establishment of procedures with Associations, Federations, Olympic Committee

-Sports Justice Courts

-Claim for compensation due to an accident while carrying out sporting activities.

Player agents

-Legal advice on national and international transfers, drafting contracts and advising on procedures for regularizing the player with the National Association of the destination club

-Drafting representation contracts in accordance with FPF and FIFA requirements

-Advice and preparation of instruments related to players’ economic rights

- Extrajudicial collection of commissions, interest, fines and other unfulfilled contractual obligations

-Consultancy and assistance for the release of amateur athletes

-Legal support in negotiating negotiations for national and foreign clubs.

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