Practice Area


The Employment and Social Security practice area comprises a team of lawyers specializing in various branches of law with in-depth know-how in providing legal advice in these matters.

We highlight the main services provided:

-Disciplinary procedures

- Collective Dismissal Processes

- Labor Litigation

-Collective recruitment

-Elaboration of Employment Contracts

-Revocation of Employment Contracts by Mutual Agreement

-Company Restructuring

-Follow-up of issues related to legal updates

-Restructuring of processes, reduction of staff, avoiding recourse to the courts

-Dismissal, collective dismissal

-Final closure of the company

-Preventive legal assistance: employment contracts; Initiation and conclusion of disciplinary processes

-Individual negotiation for termination of employment contract

-Foreign labor: Assistance in the legalization procedure

-Accompaniment of the worker in actions for violation of labor rights

- Action resulting from accidents at work and occupational diseases

-Action for compensation for harassment; moral damage

- Collective bargaining and industrial relations

- Pacts and collective agreements

-Instruments of collective regulation

-Collective negotiation of working conditions

- Intervention with the General Labor Inspectorate

- Settlement of social security debts

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